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The LABBB Multi-handicapped Programs

The LABBB multi-handicapped programs are available in early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools. These "Life Skill Programs" and specialized services are available for students with both cognitive and physical multi-handicaps ranging from mild to profound levels. The students are integrated into substantially separate classrooms that provide intensive speech/language services, occupational and physical therapies. This is a "need based" approach. All LABBB facilities have ramps and elevators that allow for wheelchair access. The home management centers, adapted kitchens and bathrooms include handicapped modifications for total access. After-school recreational opportunities are available.

"Jimmy has made such wonderful progress since joining the Program in 2005, everyone who was involved with his prior program are delighted with the advances he has made and continues to make. By using a variety of approaches, the staff have found the way to reach into his world and draw him further out. We are especially proud of his ability to fully participate within an integrated setting in Art class and enjoy the interaction with his peers during such an activity. A big cheer for all those wonderful Best Buddies too."
- Maura Peterson