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ICEI Program at Middlesex Community College

Middlesex Community College / LABBB Collaborative Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICEI) Program partnership opens up the college-going experience for eligible public-high school students with significant learning disabilities.

Currently in its sixth year, ICEI is an opportunity for 18 to 22-year-olds who attend a participating school district. The program allows students to audit certain MCC classes and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Eligible students for the Middlesex Community College / LABBB Collaborative program must attend LABBB Educational Collaborative.

ICEI students receive specialized enrollment, registration and academic advising, community based employment and career support, plus educational coaches and peer mentors. Students also have full access to Middlesex clubs, student activities, and academic and support services.

Students are motivated to fully participate in their courses, join clubs and enjoy the many student activities MCC offers all students. ICEI students also work three days per week at community job sites, and are supported in and out of class by educational coaches from LABBB Collaborative.

Research has shown that students with significant intellectual disabilities benefit academically, and transition to young adulthood more readily, when they have the opportunity to engage in all college-related activities rather than staying at high school.