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LABBB History
Lexington, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford, Belmont

LABBB Collaborative (established 1974)

1972 - 1974 "LAB"

In late 1972, three parents from Lexington and Arlington (“L.A.”) met together in a living room with the Directors of Special Education in hopes that a program be developed for their children (17 & 18) to prepare them for the adult work world. The parents purchased a house in Lexington and a teacher was hired to begin the initial LABBB program.

The “LAB” Collaborative was formed in response to the need for more specialized programs. The Massachusetts Department of Education approved the “LAB” Collaborative to begin in 1974, which included Lexington, Arlington and Burlington.

The Superintendents clearly stated that, “…the programs are for our students, they are our responsibility and they must be of a very high quality.” Parental responses to the programs were highly positive.

1979 - 1995 "LABB"

Soon neighboring school districts recognized the high quality of the programs and began requesting to enroll their students who had similar needs in “LAB.” The town of Bedford formally became a member in 1979 (“LABB”).

1996 - Present "LABBB"

In 1996, the town of Belmont joined the collaborative (“LABBB”). This completed the LABBB Collaborative membership as it exists today.

Currently, LABBB provides educational programming and support services for over 350 special needs students from over 65 districts. LABBB serves students with a variety of special needs including students on the autism spectrum, students with multi-handicaps, pervasive development disorders, developmental delays, language deficits and social/emotional challenges. The LABBB Collaborative Programs are all located in public school buildings.

The unified leadership of the LABBB Superintendents was a key factor in establishing the Collaborative. They continue to promote all programs; keeping them strong and progressive.